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The Sulfur Study

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Cellular Matrix Study (known to because "The Sulfur Study") was organized in 1999. This research was inspired with a fatal kind of breast cancer, a kind of germ cell reproductive cancer that were reported to reply to organic sulfur.

While researching this cancer, it grew to become apparent the sulfur cycle plays a huge role within the regrowth in our cells. The Research also discovered that using chemical manure had effectively damaged the sulfur cycle in nations which use these manure.

Illnesses we hadn’t even heard about have grown to be typical, cancer is continuing to grow in an unparalleled rate, and the standard in our food continues to be greatly reduced. What is the correlation here?

Since 1954, rates of disease within the U.S. go up roughly 4,000 percent. As well as in 1954, chemical manure were mandated by our government. Manure for example ammonium nitrates and sulfates, which lack bioavailability, have the symptoms of damaged the sulfur cycle. This seems to possess led towards the decline in our health, wealth, mental skill, and excellence of existence.

We feel that whenever the research is finished, it'll clearly demonstrate an association between the possible lack of sulfur and also the lack of ability of cells to regenerate inside a healthy manner.

Linus Pauling stated that modern illnesses could be credited to some mineral deficiency. Though Pauling is better noted for his use ascorbic acid, his statement involved minerals. Most scientists state that sulfur is among the most significant from the minerals, round the 4th to sixth most significant.

What Sulfur Does

Sulfur allows the transport of oxygen across cell membranes, and oxygen is essential for healthy cellular regrowth in animals. Plants, however, require co2 for cell regrowth, and plants can store sulfur, while guy cannot. Guy removes co2, and plants eliminate oxygen.

Thus, the sulfur cycle is symbiotic and vital for existence as you may know it.

When many health care professionals are requested about sulfur, they condition as though reading through from the signal card, "We obtain all of the sulfur we want from our meal." Which was true until guy made the decision to alter the way you grow our food and just what we feed our crops.

In 1920, Otto Warburg started his study of cancer both in plants and guy, that he received a Nobel Prize in 1931. He demonstrated that cancer in guy is anaerobic. Anaerobic, obviously, is cellular metabolic process without oxygen. "Cancer" in plants is related to an excessive amount of intra cellular oxygen, or aerobic metabolic process.

Using a gas we usually are meant to eliminate for cellular regrowth isn't a healthy program for plants or guy.

Why Most MSM Supplements Don''t Work

The Study’s initial research of organic sulfur had its participants visit the store to purchase MSM (methylsulfonylmethane). But what we should wished to see didn't coincide using what the literature stated about MSM. Aside from intestinal enhancements, our initial group had little improvement.

Whenever we found articles concerning the 16 "deadly" chemicals present in MSM—the anti-caking chemicals, we recognized why our early participants weren't confirming any health enhancements. These chemicals benefit just the packaging industry our overall health looks like it's a smaller concern for them.

Sulfur, by having an atomic quantity of 16, may bond with every other mineral. Sulfur has shown being able to detox chemical toxins with the transport of oxygen over the cell membrane, thus permitting regrowth. Sulfur can also be the important thing player like a precursor for the effective use of proteins, the body’s foundations.

Of all the proteins, some 70 % are sulfur-based.

This detoxing cannot happen with MSM that consists of anti-caking elements, since these excipients block the bioavailability of sulfur towards the cells. Exactly the same factor occurs when organic sulfur is launched in to the sea, or disappears and falls with rain—that sulfur is bound up through the chemical manure as sulfites and sulfates.

It soon grew to become obvious the Study needed to look for a pure, uncontaminated type of MSM. Following a thorough search, we feel recommendations it by means of Organic Sulfur—coarse very flakes that are fresh in the precipitator and also have didn't have further processing. This Organic Sulfur is provided towards the people from the Study, and that we follow all of them with photographs of the faces in order to take notice of the cellular regrowth they experience.

The photo taking followup, the latest part of the Study, is simply too recent in the implementation to have the ability to share the outcomes. However, the reviews on health, diet, and medicines happen to be quite interesting. As with the start of the research, a number of these participants have been taking MSM in tablet or capsule form for several years.

Our efforts to locate a pure type of MSM was well worth the effort, his or her reactions have clearly indicated.

Preliminary Findings

There has been cellular regrowth hard photographs in our Study participants, however it takes as many as seven many years to regenerate all of the cells in your body once the cells are healthy. Broken cells from trauma or chemical processes cannot regenerate unless of course the opportunity to transport of oxygen over the cell membrane is functioning. Oxygen is really a large molecule, so nutrient uptake can also be enhanced once the cell membrane becomes pliable and healthy.

The wholesomeness from the sulfur is a vital factor.

Old scarring and various fibroids happen to be reported to solve. It is really an illustration of cellular regrowth in cells which have been damaged and not able to regenerate through the years carrying out a trauma.

Your skin may be the biggest body organ, and it''s just like a huge kidney or lung. Sulfur is called "the wonder mineral," and just what we actually say would be that the skin is much more beautiful if it is cells can regenerate. Your skin may be the backup for that liver, and someone in liver distress shows it within the cells of the face and skin.

Once the internal filters will work well, the extracellular liquids aren't polluted and also the defense mechanisms is permitted to safeguard against infections.

Lab and clinical data haven't been proposed by the doctors or treatment centers who've seen our Study people. However, we are able to report the next dramatic good examples of cellular regrowth:

* Cancer is definitely an anaerobic condition obviously. Study people who'd cancer and used chemotherapy who required 30 grams of sulfur throughout the chemotherapy didn't have side effects—there wasn't any hair thinning, nausea, or diarrhea. There is, however, a remarkably greater decrease in cancer cells counts, reported by their oncologists.

Lymphomas happen to be reacting to Organic Sulfur in decreased discomfort and decreased size growths.

* Joint disease: Organic sulfur, in comparison to in a commercial sense available MSM, is really a amazing mineral for joint disease, and creates the effects that have been reported. Individuals who was simply taking Organic Sulfur reported a smaller amount discomfort and elevated mobility. Many reported the styling of finger joints, together with the resolution of internal scarring round the joints.

* Osteo arthritis continues to be reported to reply to the ingestion of organic sulfur. As possible noticed in old photographs in our relatives just before 1960, many people weren't bent over just before the historic introduction to the sulfur cycle through fertilizer use.

* Brittle bones has additionally been addressed, although the amounts are extremely couple of to become significant. Bone strength and density exams are showing turnaround of bone loss, or lack of bone strength and density.

* Skin disorders including acne, skin psoriasis, rosacea, nail fungus, burns, liver spots, and disorders connected with Lupus Erythematosus happen to be removed. Sulfur may be used both inwardly and outwardly, however the cells which demonstrate the issue result from the endothelial layer of your skin, what's best addressed by internal use.

* Cardiovascular: The outcomes that have been probably the most startling was the amount of open-heart methods this was scheduled and were subsequently cancelled once the individual’s EKG came back to normalcy. This happened within six days of consuming Organic Sulfur. 54 cases such as this happen to be reported.

Our bloodstream ships also regenerate, and that we think that these cancelled surgical treatments happens to be an illustration of such regrowth. The audience has additionally seen the decrease in scarring, high bloodstream pressure, and also the introduction to calcium plaque within the arterial blood vessels. Thus, we feel organic sulfur could be prone to benefit Alzheimer’s sufferers too.

* Diabetes is assisted, because sulfur is essential in producing blood insulin along with other sulfur-based proteins essential for the metabolic process of carbohydrates.

* Intestinal disorders including acidity heartburn, Acid reflux, ibs, leaking stomach, and chronic constipation happen to be addressed having a dosage of organic sulfur in a 4 % degree of bodyweight two times daily. Other digestive complaints for example ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s Disease haven't been observed up to now, but we're feeling the signs and symptoms based in the literature is going to be alleviated by using sulfur.

* Liver: Our people regenerated his liver after having suffered twenty five years from Hepatitis C, after 15 several weeks of taking two tbsps of organic sulfur two times each day.

* Unwanted organisms discover that the liner from the stomach and digestive tract too "pliable or slippery" to sink their hooks into.

* Migraines and head aches happen to be alleviated. Migraines appear to consider longer kinds of head aches, and also the sulfur can frequently can create a migraine which in turn may need more sulfur to deal with the potential detoxing process that's occurring.

* ADD, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, adhd, depression, and mood shifts are greatly relieved by using organic sulfur. Organic sulfur functions like a stabilizer or mood elevator and relaxes the central nervous system. We've reviews of individuals moving away from mao inhibitors and Ritalin within less than 72 hours of beginning to consider Organic Sulfur.

Individuals who was simply on mao inhibitors for any very long time required longer. Ale your body to create its very own glutathione seems is the reason.

* Respiratory system: Just like impressive were the research people who have been struggling with lung complications for example allergic reactions, bronchial asthma, and emphysema. Individuals with increased serious conditions stopped based upon the canned oxygen they were transporting around, regardless of the truth that they may have ongoing smoking.

* Glaucoma relief continues to be as reported by Dr. Eldon Haus, MD by a couple of people from the Study. It seems that there's regrowth from the cells from the "drainage" system from the trabecular meshwork in the inner lower iris.

Subjects who are suffering from elevated intraocular pressure discovered that the drops they accustomed to control their eye pressure frequently restricted their automotive abilities or read, where sulfur hasn't shown such cornael disturbance.

* Hair: Grey- and whitened-haired people have observed coming back for their natural color hair. Natural color that progressively returns towards the nape from the neck signifies the regrowth from the pigment glands at the bottom of your hair follicle. (NaturoDoc Note: Turnaround of hair thinning may also be as reported by our customers.)

* Teeth and nicotine gums: The energy of oxygen might be best shown in being able to eradicate gums and teeth. Organic sulfur, when utilized as an additive to tooth paste or tooth powder, seems to get rid of the plaque buildup around the teeth, but more to the point, it seems to regenerate the nicotine gums and "tighten" formerly loose teeth.

Cellular Regrowth Requires Oxygen Transport Across Cell Membranes

Cellular regrowth seems to become carefully associated with the body''s capability to transport oxygen across cell membranes. As mentioned earlier, this can be a primary purpose of organic sulfur.

Research from the periodic table of elements shows sulfur, selenium, and tellurium as the only three oxygen transport minerals. Further study implies that swimming pool water and fluorine are harmful to such oxygen transport, yet these components happen to be put into make our teeth "more healthy" and our water "more pure" reely from microbial pests. These components are poisonous at greater levels, plus they block the uptake of both oxygen and sulfur.

Consuming city plain tap water is frustrated within the Study because of this.

The Research thinks that the common deficiency within the mineral sulfur might be accountable for the truly amazing rise in disease within the U.S. Healthy cellular metabolic process may be the grounds for cellular regrowth famous our cells. This is actually the main point here for the body.

Without intra cellular oxygen, we start to degenerate lengthy before our biological clock expires.

We started existence like a single cell, and from that certain cell we've made and regenerated all of the cells in our body inside a healthy manner, unless of course that regrowth is stymied by our meal.

Since 1954, our food continues to be lacking of sulfur, because of using chemical manure and also the overprocessing in our meals. Regrettably, our nation isn't going to cease using these lucrative chemicals, which entail commercial agribusiness, medicine, insurance, in addition to genetic and designer meals. However, we are able to regenerate our internal sulfur cycle with organic sulfur, so long as this sulfur compound hasn't experienced exactly the same indignities of science our food has and is constantly on the suffer.

Finland, alarmed within the growing disease rate of their population, required a tough take a look at chemical manure and banned these, fearing the amount of cadmium. They weren't conscious of the sulfur connection or Krebs cycle. Since doing this, they've be a leading supplier of "Bio-Friendly" or completely organic meals in Europe.

They also have seen their disease rates drop to 1 tenth from the 1985 levels. In 1985, the U.S. what food was in exactly the same marked disease level as Finland. How come we not following suit and banning all chemical manure?

It seems the epidemiology of individuals nations using chemical manure have a rise in disease, while individuals which use organically based fertilizing techniques don't.

Organic sulfur is really a food, not really a drug. Organic Sulfur isn't saved in your body also it is regarded as nontoxic. Tries to kill rodents, rats, and Or Condition Dying Row inmates unsuccessful to achieve a toxic level even at 200 grams or nearly half pound each day.

Since 1999, there has been 1,100 people from the Study, and new participants are welcome. The Research relies upon and supported exclusively with this work. If you'd like to become participant within the Study, please contact:

Cellular Matrix Study

801-290-2013 (U.S.)

Email: [email protected]

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Breast Cancer and PEMF Therapy

Because so many anticancer treatments are extremely general within their action of killing cancer cells and also have dramatic unwanted effects, different, effective, yet less toxic, methods to dealing with cancer are essential.

I formerly reported on the study that checked out using pulsed electric fields on breast cancer in rodents. Electric fields have both an electrical and magnetic aspect for them. Very short pulse length pulsed electric fields, which don’t create heating to eliminate tissue, were utilised.

The regularity was 4 hertz. Two days after treatment, the development of treated growths was restricted by 79%. MRI was utilized to evaluate the physical alterations in the growths. Various growth factors, including the introduction of new bloodstream ships, were strongly covered up. Like a control, normal skin was treated exactly the same way because the growths and demonstrated no permanent changes.

So, breast cancer growths react in a different way to PEMFs, having a desirable cancer suppressive reaction, than usual tissue does. These results claim that electromagnetic fields may have the ability to hinder human breast cancer development and suppress tumor circulation system growth, and could therefore function as a new method of the therapy for breast cancer.

New Study

In new research, the authors analyzed the opportunity of ultra-low intensity and frequency PEMFs to kill breast cancer cells. They wanted to find out if the PEMFs under consideration could show: 1) toxicity to breast cancer cells and a pair of) and they weren't dangerous to healthy cells. Breast cancer cells and normal cells were uncovered to PEMFs and cell dying indices were measured to find out which PEMFs best kill breast cancer cells.

The PEMF parameters examined were: 1) wavelengths varying from 20 to 50 Hz 2) extremes varying from 2 mT (20 Gauss) to five mT (50 Gauss) and three) exposure occasions varying from 30-1 hour 30 minutes each day for approximately 72 hours. They were to look for the optimum parameters for selective cancer cell killing. In the finish from the study they found a discrete optimal window of vulnerability of breast cancer cells to PEMFs of 20 Hz frequency, 3 mT (30 Gauss) magnetic area intensity and exposure time period of an hour each day.

PEMFs applied in a repetition rate of fifty Hz didn't produce any noticeable effects on cell stability. The quantity of cell damage observed in reaction to PEMFs elevated as time passes and it was much more significant after 72 hours of consecutive daily exposures. By comparison, the perfect PEMF usage discovered to be probably the most harmful to breast cancer cells wasn't harmful to normalcy cells, and were actually slightly improving to normalcy cell function.

However, in line with the evidence out of this study, other exposure occasions (that's, 1 hour 30 minutes) and extremes 2 mT and 5 mT) remained as very strongly effective for killing breast cancer cells, despite the fact that not optimal. This means that 20 Gauss and 50 Gauss PEMFs were also very efficient and both an hour and 90 minute exposures were also effective.

A obvious window of vulnerability of cancer cells to PEMFs is available more isn't always better. That less strong fields, or fewer contact with them, are less lethal, upon first impression, might appear somewhat intuitive. However, the truth that more powerful, or longer, contact with fields is less capable at killing, suggests some specificity of biological action, as opposed to a straightforward dose-dependent accumulation of generalized damage over susceptible cells. Probably the most directly measurable aftereffect of PEMFs on breast cancer cells within this study is caused cancer cell dying (the medical term is apoptosis).

Nevertheless, let alone cell dying, the capacity of PEMFs to slow the development of the cancer cell wouldn't be an optimistic clinical outcome as well as relevance in evolving PEMF-based anti-cancer treatments.

Systems in Play

The issue becomes what's the mechanism of action of PEMFs within the killing of cancer cells. A generally reported consequence of PEMF exposure is elevation of intra cellular calcium level. Poor the present study, 3 mT PEMFs in a frequency of 20 Hz for an hour each day would produce the “correct” mixture of calcium signals that will most effectively lead to cell dying.

Indeed, it's been proven in other studies that enhancing intra cellular calcium compromises cancer cell survival.

Non-malignant cells are untouched, or perhaps prepared, through the PEMFs utilized in this research. Therefore, according to these studies, using PEMF-based technologies, the finest damage is completed in breast cancer cells, supporting the chance that it might be ultimately achievable to selectively remove cancer cells from a living thing without harmful normal tissue. The apparent insufficient response of ordinary cells to PEMFs might claim that their internal calcium control systems can handle balancing, or perhaps taking advantage of, small increases in intra cellular calcium levels. Breast cancer cells seem to not have the ability to withstand even modest alterations in intra cellular calcium levels.

This conclusion is based on other lately released studies.

Although this study ended outdoors an individual body, it gives quite strong support to the chance that breast cancer cells might be influenced inside a healthy direction, while sparing surrounding normal cells. Even though it is not sure out of this study whether these results might be best observed in the setting of actual cancer in humans in order to prevent the introduction of cancer continues to be unknown. Because this research appears to point, along with much other research, that PEMFs don't appear to affect healthy cells in almost any negative way, PEMFs might be a really helpful tool both in dealing with and stopping breast cancer.


Because we don’t have definitive research data to aid this idea, I wouldn't normally recommend using PEMF treatments like a sole solution. However, for individuals people who aren't candidates for conventional treatments or whose requirements prevent them by using conventional treatments, PEMFs generally is a good option. I believe this might certainly apply itself well towards the situation of ductal carcinoma in situ [DCIS] from the breast, which isn't considered a cancer, but instead a pre-cancer.

A lot of women with DCIS never really convert their DCIS process into actual cancer. Since traditional medicine cannot predict who'll convert and who won’t, at this time, conventional medical practice goodies these as cancer, which leads to a substantial chance of overtreatment for several women. Again, PEMFs generally is a good option in cases like this and also the progress from the breast alterations in DCIS might be supervised with time and when progression is confirmed, then more aggressive therapeutic measures might be applied.

The most crucial remove from all of these two studies is the fact that PEMFs might prove helpful like a non-invasive, additional treatment to become coupled with other common anti-cancer treatments. According to this data it seems that PEMF-based anticancer methods may represent a brand new therapeutic method of treat breast cancer without having affected normal tissue and it is completed in a way that's non-invasive.


Wu S, Wang Y, Guo J, Chen Q, Zhang J, Fang J. Nanosecond pulsed electric fields like a novel drug-free therapy for breast cancer: An in vivo study. Cancer Lett. 2013 March 4. S0304-3835(13)00701-5.

Low intensity and frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields selectively impair breast cancer cell stability. Crocetti S(1), Beyer C, Schade G, Egli M, Frhlich J, Franco-Obregn A. PLoS One. 2013 Sep 118(9).