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What is Lactulose Syrup?

Lactulose Syrup is a laxative. The active ingredient, lactulose, is converted to natural acids (lactic acid, acetic acid) in the intestine.
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Constipation in youngsters

What's Constipation anyway ?

Constipation in youngsters

You will find different definitions in certain dictionaries it''s understood to be an ailment by which bowel draining happens rarely or where the stools are hard and small or where bowel movement causes difficulty or discomfort.

Doctors prefer utilizing a practical working definition like the irregular bowel actions (passage of stool ) under 3 occasions per week , frequently connected with difficulty, pushing and discomfort throughout defecation.

Here are a few details that Moms ought to know about constipation :

  • Children who're Breast given have typically three stools each day.
  • Bottle given Babies have typically two stools each day.
  • As lengthy as the Child doesn't have discomfort, doesn't strain throughout defecation and stool is simple ,infrequent defecation (e.g. every second day) should be thought about normal.

What your physician may request within the history :

  • Have a detailed and careful nutritional history because this plays a substantial role in constipation.
  • Your social and genealogy may also be requested and it''s essential that you provide a detailed history as this gives an idea towards the problem.
  • For example you might be requested ,if there is a delay in passing meconium -the very first stool of a new born baby baby within 48 hrs .
  • Constipation in a very young age which might suggest some thing sinister for instance Hirschsprung''s Disease that is connected with failure to thrive, abdominal distension and vomiting.

  • Does your son or daughter have sufficient fibre wealthy food and daily fluid intake ?
  • Does your son or daughter have Cow''s milk intolerance (more generally connected with diarrhea) ?
  • Is the child on any regular medicines?
  • He might should also exclude other possible causes.
  • An sufficient social history is important , for example anxiety about defecation .
  • Previous discomfort or coercive toilet training could cause small children to withhold defecation.
  • Domestic stress or insufficient privacy (For instance in class bath rooms) may perform the same for older kids.

  • Your Physician should also exclude painful rectal problems for example fissures, perianal skin infection, sexual abuse as you possibly can reasons for the constipation.

Exams usually completed:

  • Palpation ( feeling using the palm) from the abdomen may demonstrate distension or faecal loading.
  • Digital Rectal examination is generally not suggested in youngsters unless of course in exceptional conditions.
  • Plain abdominal X-sun rays aren't suggested (except to verify faecal impaction and overflow in which the presentation is diarrhea).

  • Studies like - Solid marker transit, are from time to time necessary where rectal retention or colonic inertia is suspected (child swallows radio-opaque markers over three days and X-ray adopted day 5).

Control over Constipation in youngsters

  • Remember normal children possess a wide variation of frequency of defecation and hardness of stool.
  • Treatment methods are targeted at individuals with discomfort on defecation, severe pushing, overflow incontinence or messing. The reason if known ought to be treated.
  • Your Physician will encourage diet wealthy in fibre with sufficient fluid intake - unless of course the reason is intestinal obstruction, mega colon, or colonic inertia/hypotonia.
  • If diet alone is not successful your Physician will consider medication .
  • Stool softeners/osmotic laxatives initially (eg lactulose) or bulking-developing agents (eg ispaghula husk, methylcellulose).

  • If these fail, he might attempt to add inside a stimulant laxative (e.g senna, bisacodyl or sodium picosulfate syrup) as combination therapy (e.g lactulose and senna) might be effective where single drugs fail.
  • Treatment might be required for many several weeks, using the doses gradually being reduced to lessen the probability of re-impaction. More extreme measures include using bowel preparation techniques ( Picolax- unlicensed indication) or manual evacuation under GA. Whenever Your Physician will consider mentioning your son or daughter to Paediatric Specialist? :
  • If constipation is prolonged (&gt6 several weeks), Treatment not successful,
  • Frequent messing and distress,
  • The constipation is disturbing school or social associations.

  • He might also involve community paediatric nurses where available, with health site visitors and/or school nurses and social employees to supply support for child and family.
  • Severe mental problems may require the aid of child researchers.Mental problems for example distress ,depression ,anxiety yet others.
Constipation in youngsters

When will your Physician consider mentioning your son or daughter to some Paediatric Specialist ? :

Constipation in youngsters

  • If constipation is prolonged (greater than 6 several weeks) and treatment continues to be not successful,
  • Frequent messing and distress.
  • The constipation is disturbing school or social associations.
  • The Physician might also involve community paediatric nurses where available, with health site visitors and/or school nurses and social employees to supply support for child and family.

  • Severe mental problems may require the aid of child psychiatrist.

Constipation - Once the Bowels Won''t Move!

If your child passes under 3 stools each week and there's connected difficulty in passing them, then it's known as constipation. Some normal breastfed babies pass soft stool around the second or 3rd day quite easily. This isn't constipation because there's no connected difficulty in passing stool.

A young child may pass stool daily but when there's associated difficulty in passing it (because of hard consistency or size) then it is also known as constipation.

Initial constipation might be because of:

oChange in routine diet

oVarious ailments

oStressful occasions

oUnavailability of toilets (travel etc.)

oChild''s hectic agenda (morning school)

Results in large, hard stools

These cause discomfort throughout defecation

Can lead to fissures or cuts near anus

More discomfort throughout every subsequent passage of stool

Stool-withholding because of anxiety about discomfort

Stools become drier, firmer, and bigger

Further rise in constipation

The majority of the installments of constipation (almost 95%) are precipitated and perpetuated by these occasions. Other reasons for constipation in youngsters are:

oSpinal cord lesions

oCerebral palsy

oCongenital megacolon (Hirschsprung''s disease)

oAnal stenosis


oDiabetes insipidus


oCodeine that contains cough syrups

oAnti epileptic drugs

oAnti psychotic drugs

When the viscous cycle of constipation - painful defecation - stool withholding - constipation takes hold the kid will not take a seat on the bathroom ., increases on his toes, holds his legs and bottom stiffly and frequently rocks backwards and forwards, holds onto a furniture, screams, turns red-colored before the stool is passed. As time passes, such withholding behavior becomes a computerized reaction.


Most kids with constipation may benefit if medicine plan's implemented underneath the guidance of the Paediatrician with active participation of oldsters.

A.Disimpaction (Clearing of maintained stools).

Inside a child getting constipation a tough mass might be felt within the lower abdomen because of impaction of feces (stool). Sometimes multiple, small, hard, public might be present. The very first factor to complete in such instances would be to disimpact (remove) the maintained stool.

Within an infant glycerine suppository (a clinical preparation which touches within the rectum) can be used for disimpaction. This really is pressed in after lubricating the anus. It touches inside and facilitates the passage of influenced stools.

Bisacodyl suppository, 5 mg for less than-twos and 10 mg for kids over 2, is available for sale (Junifree, Dulcolax) as well as in very efficient. Enemas and lavage solutions ought to be prevented in infants.

In older kids Polyethyleneglycol (PEG) option would be given orally or by naso-gastric tube (25ml/kg/hour) up until the imparted stool is removed. As the quantity of option would be large, Reglan or Perinorm is offered fifteen to thirty minutes just before giving PEG means to fix reduce vomiting and nausea.

Another approach would be to give Phosphate enema (proctoclysis) to disimpact the stools. Some doctors recommend normal saline enema for this function, but our experience is the fact that phosphate enema (like Proctoclyss) works more effectively.

When the influenced stools happen to be removed, maintenance therapy ought to be started to avoid re-accumulation. This is accomplished through laxatives, potty training and nutritional modification.


The generally used laxatives in youngsters are:



3.Milk of magnesia (magnesium hydroxide)

4.Mineral oil (using castor oil)

Many of these are equally effective and therefore are succumbed a dosage of just one-3 ml/kg/day. Mineral oil and milk of magnesia aren't palatable.

Lactulose is easily the most generally used laxative but is costly. Various market formulations (Duphalac, Laxose, MT - Lac) price is the location of Rs.100/- for any bottle of 100 ml, which can last for roughly ten days.

The most crucial factor to keep in mind regarding using laxatives is that they must be ongoing for prolonged periods (sometimes several several weeks). An earlier stoppage of laxatives almost always results in recurrence of constipation.

C. Potty Training.

Too soon and too strict potty training is harmful towards the child. The perfect age to impart potty training is 24 months. Initially the kid ought to be urged to sit down around the toilet for five to ten minutes, three or four occasions each day.

Progressively the habit of smoking of likely to toilet once daily each morning could be developed.

Parents should neither threaten, nor punish the kid because of not likely to toilet in the hired hour. This could result in the child tense or persistent. In the two cases the issue of constipation will worsen. Rather the mother and father should consume a reward system.

The kid ought to be compensated for normal located on the bathroom .. This can behave as an optimistic reinforcement for that child.

Older kids with constipation ought to be urged to keep a regular record of going number 2, discomfort or discomfort, consistency of stool and also the laxative dose. This can help to watch compliance and also to make appropriate changes within the treatment plan.

D.Nutritional Changes.

Most kids with constipation have a low fiber diet. Most of them are mainly milk given. Meals lower in roughage (fiber) are - meat, gelatin, whitened bread, starches, taters, grain, macaroni, noodles, frozen treats, cheese not to mention milk.

The daily dependence on fiber is: Age + 5 = grams/day. For any 5 year old child it will likely be 5 + 5 = 10 grams/day. The fiber content from the diet could be elevated by providing fruits like apples, pears, prunes and apples. Raw, leafy veggies ought to be introduced.

Figs, raisins, apricots contain large amount of fiber. Peas, beans, sprouts, whole-wheat flour chapattis, should be included to this diet. These children ought to be urged to consume large amount of liquids.

Constipation frequently could be a difficult problem to tackle, because instituting nutritional alternation in children is easier in theory. On the top from it parents are prone to steer clear of the recommended laxatives early because of the worry of habit formation. The dealing with physician must allay parents'' fear as well as involve a diet professional wherever necessary.